HIPEC Surgery

Bowel Cancer can sometimes spread within the abdominal cavity and this is known as peritoneal metastases. This is very serious and carries a poor prognosis. Chemotherapy can treat this condition but it is not often effective.

Cytoreductive surgery involves removing the peritoneal metastases from all parts of the abdominal cavity. At the end of this procedure, chemotherapy is instilled into the open abdominal cavity for 1 hour at 42 degrees centigrade using a machine which heats the chemotherapy. This is known as HIPEC (hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy).

This operation is a large undertaking and lasts approximately 6 hours. As it is very specialised surgery, it is only undertaken by surgeons trained to perform HIPEC surgery.

I currently perform this surgery at The Wellington Hospital. My experience over the last few years has produced good results for all the patients who have undergone this procedure. However, not all patients are suitable and all patients with Bowel Cancer are discussed at our weekly Wellington GI MDT (MultiDisciplinary Meeting).

If you would like to know more about HIPEC surgery, please contact me either directly through the on-line Enquiry Form or by telephoning my office.