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Hi Mr Elton, I’m now 10 weeks post surgery and have started some gentle rehab in the gym (being back in the gym is my happy place!). This has allowed me to reflect a little and I wanted to thank you again for the care you and your team gave me and how well you all looked after me. Surgery of that magnitude was daunting and I was scared and anxious but under the care and supervision of experts such as yourself I always felt like I was in the best hands to keep me safe and to do the best for me.

I’m now back under the care of the oncologist and have just started my second cycle of post-surgery chemotherapy.

Thank you again and who knows I may well find myself back under your care should I get back to the stage where more surgery is viable.

Many thanks and kind regards

Anon40 year old patient with colorectal cancer – May 2022

I recently had to undergo some investigations and subsequent surgery in relation to haemorrhoids. Frankly the whole thing was carried out by Colin with the minimum of fuss and was therefore stress free for me. He has an amazing ability to deal with that particular area of atomy while keeping you at ease and retaining a degree of natural humour. Not a job I would relish but personally I’m glad he chose that profession as he was able to look after me so well.

Kevin54 year old banker who was passing large amounts of blood every day, underwent a HALO procedure in January 2015.

Dear Dr Elton, Thank you! After having 2 treatments banding of the Haemorrhoids, my life was still not pleasant. I still suffered and had excessive bleeding. Dr Elton suggested the HALO procedure. Recovery took about a week and although I did come down with a small infection, this was treated with antibiotics. Pain post op can be quite intense but only lasts a few days. I cannot recommend Dr Elton enough as he really changed my life for the better.

Raphael39 year old gentleman with anaemia from bleeding haemorrhoids. Underwent HALO procedure in April 2015.

Thought you would like to know, I made it. Thanks for your help, it made a big difference having someone who understood. I think you can use as a pretty good testimonial, my calculation that’s ‘Double Hernia to Ironman in 22 weeks’ …. Not bad going.

Regards and thanks David49 year old marathon runner underwent laparoscopic repair of bilateral inguinal hernias during training in July 2014.

I was 34 years old when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer. I was suddenly transported into another world, one that I did not understand. Mr Elton, and his team, guided me expertly through the most profound and difficult experience of my life. I am now in remission and still under his watchful eye. It is perhaps easy to heap praise upon one’s surgeon after a successful outcome. However, knowing what I do now about my illness, there is no doubt that it was Mr Elton’s technical ability, attention to detail and outright professionalism that contributed enormously to a successful outcome. I will be forever grateful.

Richard34 year old gentleman who underwent surgery for rectal cancer in 2017.

Dear Mr Elton, You carried out the HALO procedure at the Bushey Spire Hospital in September 2018 following an examination and colonoscopy by yourself. The colonoscopy procedure itself was fine. I did not remember anything about the procedure and suffered no pain. The prep for the procedure was also successful although I could barely tolerate consumption of all of the Moviprep, which was extremely difficult and made me heave, and it took all of my willpower to consume the final glass. The HALO procedure itself went perfectly. I have to say that the care I received both from yourself and the nursing staff at the hospital was exemplary. The pain I did experience was actually no worse than the pain from the haemorrhoids I had been suffering for many years prior to the procedure. I wish I had not waited so long! Thank you again Mr Elton.

Suzanne56 year old lady with long history of painful prolapsing haemorrhoids, underwent HALO procedure in September 2018.