Dear Mr Elton, You carried out the HALO procedure at the Bushey Spire Hospital in September 2018 following an examination and colonoscopy by yourself. The colonoscopy procedure itself was fine. I did not remember anything about the procedure and suffered no pain. The prep for the procedure was also successful although I could barely tolerate consumption of all of the Moviprep, which was extremely difficult and made me heave, and it took all of my willpower to consume the final glass. The HALO procedure itself went perfectly. I have to say that the care I received both from yourself and the nursing staff at the hospital was exemplary. The pain I did experience was actually no worse than the pain from the haemorrhoids I had been suffering for many years prior to the procedure. I wish I had not waited so long! Thank you again Mr Elton.

Suzanne56 year old lady with long history of painful prolapsing haemorrhoids, underwent HALO procedure in September 2018.